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Dictionaries for Endangered Languages in Nigeria

Help us publish the first-ever dictionaries for Olùkùmi and Owé 

Nigeria is home to hundreds of languages, many of which are endangered. This project supports two local minority languages, Olùkùmi and Owé (a dialect of Yorùbá). This is first-ever attempt to put the words, definitions and usages of these two languages into print. Contribute to the fundraising campaign. 

These dictionaries are bilingual with English, and each contain 2000 words and phrases. They will become tools for language preservation, promotion and revitalization initiatives, and will serve local speakers, language enthusiasts as well as researchers.

This publication project is led by Nigerian linguist Dr. Bolanle Elizabeth Arokoyo, who holds a PhD in Linguistics, and has been documenting the grammar of Olùkùmi and Owé since 2011. Dr. Arokoyo is a Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages, University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. She has collaborated with Dr. Greg Anderson and Dr. K. David Harrison at Living Tongues Institute on the Olùkùmi Talking Dictionary.