Gtaʔ (Didey)

Gtaʔ [gaq] also known as Didey remains one of the least known of the Munda languages. The Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages began working with speakers of Gtaʔ in 2010 as they occupy villages either together with the Bonda or in nearby locales, and their endangered language is heavily influenced by Remo.

There are roughly 3,500-4,000 speakers of Gtaʔ, but this represents probably less than half of the Didey ethnic group. This is the most recent of the languages that we have begun working on under the auspices of the Munda Languages Project.

To date several thousand words and sentences and short texts have been collected. Working together with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Harrison has been the local coordinator of this work in Orissa, Opino Gomango. Our primary consultant is Budra Raspeda. We also have legacy materials on Gtaʔ dating back some 50 years.

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